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Dear ILFLS Users,

We have added ability to download search results from the main search page. 

There were some upgrades to ILFLS in May and April of this year we would like you to know about. We have released two main features on ILFLS and improved some of the old ones. Here are some of them.

ILFLS Mail Merge Tools

Posted by: web_admin in Developer's Blog

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We have uploaded the new mail merge tools.

  • Ability to customize letters using text editor
  • Ability to switch/choose fonts, style, colors for Labels and Envelopes

  • Please add you comments below...

    ILFLS Mail Merge

What's new on ILFLS

Posted by: web_admin in Developer's Blog

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Advanced Search

As promised for a long time we have started the work on the advanced search. It will include a search by all possible fields and generate output which can be saved and reused. Currently we are testing it on our test server and expect to have it live the first weeks of March 2009.


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