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Using PIN number to limit the search area

The PIN number is the property identification number found in the county records where the property is located. This unique identifier is very useful in doing research on a property.

ILFLS utilizes the following format for the PIN number consisting of 14 digits:
You can search by any part of the PIN but following the above format. For example searching by only first two digits will give you all properties in a specific township area starting with these numbers. Searching by the next set will limit your search to specific sub area or section.

    TT-SS-BBB-PPP-UUUU format breakdown:
  • TT is the AREA number (sequential township).
  • SS is the SUBAREA number (section).
  • BBB is the BLOCK number.
  • PPP is the PARCEL number.
  • UUUU is the UNIT number for condominiums and leaseholds (zeroes in this portion of the PIN indicate non-condo and non-leasehold PINs).

Examples for correct searches:

12 or 12-
12-32 or 12-32-
12-32-333 or 12-32-333-
12-32-333-123 or 12-32-333-123-

* Do not forget to use the dash separator between the different subclasses.


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