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Without a finance background, getting your finances in order can seem overwhelming.  There are multiple bills to track, accounts to manage, and, of course, the money coming in has to be at least equal to the money going out.  Without tracking spending habits and checks coming in, it may come as a surprise when there is nothing to save at the end of the month, or worse, when there is not enough to make ends meet.


The simple truth of personal finance is that it can be just that, simple.  Of course there are many lectures and courses on the subject, and financial planners who can go on and on about which investment vehicles to use under such and such circumstances, or there will be more foreclosure homes in Chicago.  It can be a tricky subject, but when starting out, small changes will have a big effect.


The single most important financial strategy is to set goals.  If you do not set goals, you will not go anywhere financially, except where you are.  The goals could be as simple as saving $100 every month, or they could be more ambitious, such as retiring at 45.


Setting a goal will make a world of difference.  It will be in the back of your mind at every small and large financial transaction, and these small differences will accumulate into big changes.


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