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With the ongoing stream of property maintenance on a foreclosure in Chicago, it can be tempting to perform some of the work, yourself, instead of hiring professionals to save money.  Painting is one of the easier tasks, and all it takes is a steady hand.  Painting is usually fun, too.


Once the color is picked -- the most difficult task -- then the fun begins.  First lay out a drop cloth on the floor, to protect from paint splatter and spills.  Next, tape off any molding or fixtures that need to be protected from being painted over.  Lights, smoke alarms, switches and plugs all need to be taped off.  Carefully line up the edge properly: this will determine if the job looks professional or not.


Most painting on big surfaces requires rollers for ease of use.  Painting in the corners is usually done with brushes.  Whoever sells paint will have more information on which rollers and brushes to use, and how to use them and store them properly.  Wash out all of the paint in the bristles, in order to not have to buy new brushes each time. 


Painting is either backbreaking -- or an enjoyable afternoon. Put on some music and have a great time.


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