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You have just won one of the foreclosure auctions in Chicago, and now you either need to flip the property, by selling to new owners, or find high quality renters who will pay on time every month and won’t call every time their toilet clogs.  With a tough housing market, how do you attract the right people to your property to make a nice return on your investment?  One strategy is to improve the property’s curb appeal.


First impressions are powerful, and changing them can be next to impossible.  When you meet someone, you know instantly whether or not you like them, whether or not you trust them, and whether or not you will want to see them again.  It is the same with houses.


A house is not the same as a person, so, knowing how to present your property so that it gives its best first impression is not as apparent as looking good for a date.  Here are a few things that you can do to improve the house’s curb appeal:


#1.  Although lawns can sometimes double your water bill, they do make houses sell faster.  Lay out sod for the perfect lawn, without babysitting a newly seeded dirt yard.


#2.  A fresh coat of paint will work wonders and is very affordable.  Go to a home improvement center and nicely ask the staff what the popular exterior colors are today.  Show them pictures of your property to be sure it will match the style.


#3.  Plant a flower garden along the front of the house, or along the driveway or walkways.  A few beautiful annuals and perennials will make the property feel complete, and more homey.  Find plants that exude a lovely scent to add to the ambiance for potential customers, and ask your local garden center what plants are best for your area.


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