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In this short introduction we show how to log in ILFLS, where to go to manage your account and some of the core search features.


On Google vs Twitter

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There was quite a speculation recently regarding the Google CEO's Eric Schmidt remark regarding Twitter.  As Eric has explained on CNBC his comment was merely pointing in the direction where the web will evolve. Projects as Twitter, Facebook and alike are merely a part of a bigger concept...the inter connectivity and why not synergy (this is my idea). 

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Obviously, the process of buying and selling a home or other property is an involved and complex process. It is important therefore to ensure that there are no lingering issues that may slow or prevent the transaction from being completed. Among the more common issues homeowners deal with during a sale of real estate is asbestos. While asbestos use was strictly regulated in the late 1970s, many asbestos containing materials still exist in homes built prior to 1980. It is important then, to obtain a proper home inspection or asbestos consultation to ensure that these materials are not hazardous to anyone's health.

Asbestos was used extensively up until approximately 1980 for insulation purposes. It could be used in nearly any compound because it was durable and had small fibers, which lent themselves well to a myriad of different products. Some of the more common asbestos products include wall/attic insulation ("pink," spray or "popcorn" insulation all contained asbestos at one time), pipe coverings, and HVAC ductwork. If a product required insulation or resistance to heat and was manufactured before 1980, it likely contained asbestos in at least some capacity. What is important however is learning the difference between hazardous asbestos material and products which are not immediately hazardous.

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A very smart explanation of the current credit crisis from Jonathan Jarvis.

What's new on ILFLS

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Advanced Search

As promised for a long time we have started the work on the advanced search. It will include a search by all possible fields and generate output which can be saved and reused. Currently we are testing it on our test server and expect to have it live the first weeks of March 2009.


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