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ILFLS Mail Merge Tools

Posted by: web_admin in Developer's Blog

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We have uploaded the new mail merge tools.

  • Ability to customize letters using text editor
  • Ability to switch/choose fonts, style, colors for Labels and Envelopes

  • Please add you comments below...

    ILFLS Mail Merge

Property Type vs. Property Description

Posted by: web_admin in Developer's Blog

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The advanced search gives opportunity to search by property types and property description. We used the descriptions to classify the different types and limit the variations. For example even though a property is classified as 1-4 Family its type will be Multi Family. The user can select which columns to display by checking the appropriate fields.

Name Conversion and Advanced Search

Posted by: web_admin in Developer's Blog

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We have finished the main part of the Owners Name Conversion. This changes have an  impact on the Download and the Advanced Search Options. Two additional  search criteria were added:

  • Owner has deceased: In cases of Estate of... To locate such an owner just check the radio button and generate a search to display the results.
  • Owner is organization:  In cases when the owner is a Corporation select the radio button to show the results.

For better understanding the codes used on ILFLS a a separate page was added:  Glossary and Codes . Here we'll keep you posted about the appropriate changes.

You can find the full description of the codes used on ILFLS in the Community FAQ Section.

New Download Features

Posted by: web_admin in Developer's Blog

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We are in a process of upgrading the current download feature on ILFLS. Changes will include a clear separation in First and Last Name of the Current Owners plus adding more columns with data from ILFLS details page.

All new columns will be added at the end of the existing ones so if you use Mail Merge Application it won't cause trouble. But you may need to change the matching fields for the First/Last Name of the 1st or 2nd owner.

America's Most Dangerous Cities

Posted by: web_admin in Real Estate

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This is an interesting photo tour of the America's Most Dangerous Cities. I was suprised not to see Chicago here.

 Follow this link to the original article on Forbes

In this tutorial we cover the basic Auction Print functionality. Search, save and export your list to the Printer. In later sessions we'll show how to do this using My Listings and the Download Feature. If you are eager to find out how this can be done please contact us or comment here...

 Tutorial 3: How to Print the coming Auctions Lists - 1

In this tutorial we go over some of the search approaches when using We do a sample search by multiple zips and property types. After that we save the search and save the records in the My Listings page for additional research and review. In the next tutorial will explore the My Listings page and features.



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