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Updating the Date of Calculation Field
Friday, 29 April 2011 19:36

Working on a bug in displaying and saving info in the field "Date of Calculation".

By design this field should display the date when the balance due of the defaulted mortgage was calculated. In some cases there may not be information about the Balance due so this field indicates also the date when the Judgment of Foreclosure was issued.

The task is to recalculate old info and to better represent it on the web site.

Due date: 05-03-2011

About the ILFLS Community
Sunday, 02 March 2008 09:21

Our company

The project ILFLS has outgrown our initial ideas and goals. Started as a Foreclosure Listing Service we have branched in broader area with new ideas. Lately we have started more and more to ask ourselves the same question: How about we bring some new features to the local Chicago Market?

So the idea behind this was building a Community orientated addition to already established service and bring the people involved in the business of Real Estate closer to each other. And we are talking all aspects of this not quite well understood market. Everybody has her/his own opinion how the things should be but maybe it's better when in a  group we all brainstorm the different options and faults. And also why not having your own place for some professional and social fun. Eh...voila...

The ILFLS Community , ILFLSCO, is here.



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